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Community Manager – Silver Palm Place – West Palm Beach, FL

Job Summary:

This position acts as the primary administrator for the property and is responsible for discharging all company policies and procedures for the proper operation of the property.  This position is considered critical to the success of each individual property and Royal American Management, Inc. as a whole.  This list of duties and responsibilities for the position of Site Manager is provided for the purpose of ensuring consistency and clarification in successfully operating the property at the level of Site Manager.  These guidelines are also intended for the Manager’s self-direction and self-evaluation.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • As the primary property administrator, the Site Manager is responsible for discharging all policies and procedures formulated by the Company for the proper operation of the property.  These policies and procedures are embodied in the Royal American Management Policies and Procedures Manual.  The Site Manager is fully responsible for understanding all company policies and procedures and implementing such on the property.
  • The Site Manager is directly responsible for the prompt collection of all rents and other resident charges due to the property.  This collection responsibility includes direct personal contact with residents, as necessary, before any legal action is taken.  Daily bank deposits will be made by the Site Manager.
  • The Site Manager is responsible for attracting, screening and selecting prospective residents for vacant apartment homes in accordance with federal, state, governing program laws and regulations and with the Royal American Management Resident selection criteria.  This responsibility includes the proper upkeep of the property waiting list so as to minimize vacancy loss.  The company requirements specify a maximum fourteen (14) day apartment home “turnover” period. However, normal turnover shall require much less time.  The Site Manager will be responsible for all leasing activities of the property.
  • The Site Manager is directly responsible for the Resident Services Program and its efficient operation.  The Site Manager will ensure that Resident Services are properly scheduled, performed with good workmanship and completed in a timely manner.
  • The Site Manager is directly responsible for the enforcement of all resident leases in a manner that ensures all residents rights of “quiet enjoyment” of the property, minimizes property damage and resident population turnover.
  • The Site Manager will approve all purchasing done at the property level, taking special care to ensure product quality and competitive pricing.
  • The Site Manager will assist in the preparation of the annual operating budget and will operate the property to the very best of his/her ability within the approved budget.  The Site Manager will seek prior written approval from the Regional Manager before exceeding the property’s individual budget line items.  The Site Manager is to understand that the property budget is prepared to allow achievement of specific company financial goals and agrees to always work toward the same.
  • The Site Manager is directly responsible for supervising the performance of his/her Site employees.  The Site Managers shall identify, properly document and counsel employees on any areas of poor performance in an attempt to improve performance before termination becomes necessary.  The Site Managers will understand that employee turnover is expensive and disruptive and should be avoided if possible.
  • The Site Manager will have the overall responsibility of hiring and training new Site employees.  The Site Manager will, to the very best of their ability, see that each new employee is trained in a thorough, consistent manner in accordance with the company policies and procedures and training program.
  • The Site Manager will monitor the activities of all tradesmen, including both property employees and contractors, performing work on the property, keeping safety in mind.   The Site Manager is responsible for obtaining Certificates of Insurance for all contractors in accordance with Royal American Management Contracting Procedures prior to the start of any work on the property as stipulated in the company Procedures Manual.
  • The Site Manager will make a complete tour of the Site at least twice a week to ensure that obvious deficiencies whether physical or in project operations, are promptly identified and corrected.  These tours should also focus on areas of company liability and risk.
  • The Site Manager should ensure that all project operations are carried out in a safe manner in accordance with the Royal American Management Safety Guidelines and, to the very best of their ability, protect Royal American Management from safety hazard issues.
  • The Site Manager is responsible for ensuring that all routine and preventive resident services are carried out in a timely manner and that the required Resident Services reports and records are kept up on a daily basis.
  • The Site Manager will understand that all Site employees project the image of Royal American Management and will ensure that all employees maintain a clean, neat and business-like appearance while carrying out their duties and responsibilities.
  • The Site Manager will be responsible for conserving energy and property resources, including utilities through the monitoring of consumption and promotion of energy conservation.  The Site Manager will maintain climate control in the office and Site areas within the federally prescribed guidelines and limits.
  • The Site Manager will publish a monthly newsletter to assist in effective resident communications and relations.  A copy of each monthly newsletter will be forward to the Central Office.
  • The Site Manager will be responsible for the inventory control of all project supplies, tools and equipment.  The Site Manager will perform an annual tool and equipment inventory as prescribed in Royal American Management’s Policies and Procedures Manual.
  • The Site Manager will be responsible for certain knowledge, skills and abilities in the performance of his/her duties as Site Manager.  These activities include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Ability to access upper floor apartment units in buildings which do not have elevators.
  • Ability to access areas of the property requiring the use of step ladders and extension ladders.
  • Ability to traverse all areas of the property, including areas where ground is under repair, wooded areas and areas of extreme distance from vehicle accessible locations.
  • Ability to access all areas in which maintenance work may be performed for the purpose of inspection and monitoring of repairs and employee performance.
  • Ability to access all areas where contract labor may be performed for the purpose of inspection of that work.
  • Ability to remove items equal to the size and weight of a ream of paper from all levels of supply closets and cabinets.
  • Ability to access all levels of conventional file cabinet, including four-drawer high cabinets.
  • Ability to utilize a computer with reasonable speed.
  • Ability to communicate directly with applicants, residents and vendors regarding day to day operations of the property.
  • Ability to travel for the purpose of conducting regular property business.  Must have a valid driver’s license.
  • Ability to demonstrate the knowledge, skills and abilities of the Assistant Manager/Leasing position.
  • Ability to answer the telephone to greet prospective residents, to respond to incoming calls from Royal American Management or to any other incoming call pertaining to the day to day operation of the property.
  • The Site Manager will perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Area Manager, Regional Manager, Vice-President or President of Royal American Management, Inc.
  • This is a description of the major responsibilities of this position.  These job duties are subject to change according to department requirements.  This is a summary and is not meant to include all activities that may be required to successfully perform in this job.

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