Our Company

Royal American Group of Companies

Established in 1968, Royal American Group of Companies has grown and evolved right along side Panama City, FL. Founded upon the values of innovation, quality and a strong belief in community stewardship; the group’s highly dynamic interests span business lines including development, construction, management, hospitality, food service, recreation and insurance. One-hundred percent owned entities of Peoples First Properties, the companies are headquartered in Panama City, FL with a client base extending throughout the Southeast.

Our Story- Evolution of the Companies

More than four decades ago Joseph F. Chapman, III began a tradition of innovation, quality and a strong belief in community stewardship- all cornerstones of the Royal American name. Following graduation from the University of Florida, College of Law, Chapman served as Chief General Counsel for the Governor’s Office of the State of Florida as well as Chief Counsel for the Florida State Road Board. Returning to Panama City in 1967, he entered law practice while successfully seeking a seat in the Florida Legislature for two terms. By 1972 Mr. Chapman directed all his time and efforts to the growth of Royal American.

Over the years, Chapman, along with his children and business partners formed the development, management, hospitality, real estate and insurance companies- leading Royal American to become one of Bay County’s largest employers. Committed to developing projects and programs to benefit the community, Royal American Group of Companies has been linked to many Panama City milestones and landmarks.

Each family member has brought his or her own individual expertise to the company, creating a synergistic effect and repositioning Royal American for the opportunities of this decade and beyond.

Vision & Values:

Based upon the values of innovation, quality and a strong belief in community stewardship, Royal American strives to:

  • Continue to raise the bar of each industry we venture into through human and financial contributions.
  • Cultivate a positive “can-do”attitude as our core value in strengthening internal and external relationships.
  • Look at every situation through the eyes of our customers and build their loyalty through exceptional customer service.